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At New England Tool our passion is providing our customers with the most dependable custom carbide cutting tools. Regardless of the application, we want to provide you with the right cutting tools. If we cannot provide the carbide cutting tools that you need from our stock, our engineers will design custom cutting tools to best suit your application. Our custom cutting tools offer a specific, more dependable, and cost efficient means of production for your application.

When providing custom cutting tools for our customers, we offer:

  • Cooperative engineering
  • Extensive pre-production research
  • Flexible and knowledgeable engineers
  • Short and long runs
  • Sophisticated CNC grinding
  • Speedy delivery
  • More…

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Our experience and knowledge within the industry has made us particularly adept at the design and manufacturing of custom carbide cutting tools. Custom cutting tools are the ideal solution for customers who require something extra for their unique and specific applications.

In designing custom carbide cutting tools for our customers, our ultimate goal is to provide the solutions to customer specific obstacles in order to save time and money while maximizing the overall efficiency of the custom cutting tools. Before beginning to design and manufacture custom cutting tools our resourceful and knowledgeable team of engineers will not only pay attention to exactly what the cutting tool will be required to do, but also what environment it will be used in and the specific material the tool will be cutting.

Just like a custom fitted suit or golf club, our custom carbide cutting tools are no different. They offer a tailor made solution for your specific needs.

We manufacture a variety of cutting tools including but not limited to:

  • Coolant fed tooling
  • Custom drills
  • Custom end mills
  • Dovetail cutters
  • Form tools
  • Porting tools
  • Reamers
  • Step tools

If your custom carbide tool requirement is not listed, please call us. We’ll make every effort to provide the right custom cutting tool for your applications.

Please call us at 800.543.4544 or 207.625.4000